Fundamentals of Hip Hop Dance Moves

Nowadays, hip hop is well known around the world due to the media recognition that they have been getting. However, some artists don’t like the mainstream media because they think that the view of this dance moves is being distorted by the mass media. According to them, there are three main types of hip hop that is true with each of them having their own distinct dancing styles and techniques. However, all of these dance genres have the same purpose; to express feelings through movements. Below I will explain the three types of genres and dance moves that they have.

The first and most prominent of all hip hop dances would be bboying. Bboying is a type of acrobatic dance that is also known as break dancing and is considered the most popular of all three genres. Break dancers or also known as breakers use their body, arms and shoulders to propel their bodies through the air doing moves that others might consider impossible. There are four main types of dance moves in bboying. These moves would be the top rock, drops and spins, freezes and the power moves which are the most common.

Then, locking came in the 1960’s soon after bboying. Originally, locking was known as campbellocking which was named after the creator of locking, Don Campbell. Locking is a style of funk dance which is associated with hip hop. Dancers who perform locking are called lockers and these lockers can perform solo or in unison. Locking used to be an improvisational dance but due to pioneers in this dance genre, more dance moves have been incorporated. Locking is a type of dance which is comical in nature and puts emphasis on small pauses between movements to create the locking effect.

Lastly, popping was created in the 1970’s. Popping originated from Fresno, California and is a form of dance where the dancer which is also known as a popper contracts and relaxes muscles in his or her body quickly to produce a jerk or tilt in his body that makes the popping effect. Poppers use their bodies to move to the beats in the music making it seem as if they’re gliding on the floor or even look as if they’re being animated frame by frame in stop motion. There are a variety of dance moves in popping that is seldom seen outside of popping making popping a very unique genre of hip hop dance.

Hip hop is a form of musical expression and artistic culture that appeared in the late 1970’s. These dance moves are unique to all their styles and cannot be found in any other form of dance. This was the thing that made hip hop so influential today. It can be seen almost anywhere in the world with people from every race and every culture. In time, the hip hop community will grow even larger as more people come to appreciate this unique form of expressing oneself through art and music.

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