Jazz Dancing Is Good Fun and Good For Your Health

Modern Jazz dance is an exciting form of dance which is both influenced by and influences many other styles such as ballet, contemporary and lyrical to mention just a few. Rooted in Caribbean traditional dance, it consists of a complex series of spins, twists and turns, and is constantly evolving. If you’re looking for a particular style of dance to take part in, jazz dancing is both great fun and also excellent for your health!

This exciting style of dance requires a great deal of skill and technique. This means that most proficient jazz performers will have a working knowledge of ballet as it provides an excellent foundation for many of the movements and co-ordination required by jazz. If you don’t feel that you’re quite up to fully developing the skills and technique of an accomplished jazz dancer, there are loads of fitness programmes based on jazz dance movements such as spins, jumps and exciting footwork that are great fun to be a part of and bring many benefits.

Jazz dancing can be both fashionable and fun, and usually takes place in an indoor environment. This means you can say goodbye to waiting for your soggy running trainers to dry out after a dreary run around the block in the rain. In addition to this, you’ll find that in a jazz class or jazz fitness class there will be a large number of like minded people which makes it a highly sociable activity. This is a stark contrast to going for a run or to the gym where you’re likely to spend a great deal of time exercising alone. Many young people I know have found a whole new social circle of friends with which they’ve made lasting friendships by attending jazz dance classes.

Jazz dancing also carries with it several health benefits – both physical and mental. Perhaps most noticeably, jazz dancing quickly develops muscle strength, in particular in the lower body and its aerobic nature builds up your physical endurance. As a result, you will find that you feel more alert, more flexible and your muscles will tone up helping you look good too! When learning to jazz dance or attending a jazz dance fitness class, you will be required to learn a complex series of foot and legwork including jumps, twists and turns which are great for your co-ordination. A positive side-effect of all of these benefits is that it will help build your confidence and also your self-esteem.

Another major benefit of jazz dancing is that it can help increase your level of concentration. Most people spend most of their day sitting behind a computer screen whilst at work which means many people leave have a sedentary lifestyle. This in itself can lead to people feeling fatigued and lower concentration levels. Learning to jazz dance is a great solution to this as it requires a lot of energy, and most people find that rather than making them feel tired, this invigorates and energises them when at work the next day. This can help the day go quicker and significantly increase your productivity and concentration levels.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, jazz dancing is great fun! It gives you an excellent form of exercise in a highly energetic, sociable and lively environment. Most people who take up jazz dancing in whatever form develop a genuine enthusiasm for dance. Being part of such a dynamic group of people can be highly rewarding and a great way to take your mind off the usual stresses of work for a few hours a week. This can help reduce stress, improve your mood and cause your body to release endorphins to give your energy levels that all important boost!

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